Airy: The Vision

Everyone was talking. All I knew was that Ashton had brought a Dark into the builing. I was confused. I really didn't have any love for the creatures. To me they were just the beasts that ruined my entire life.

Then I saw a scene flashing before my eyes before it stayed. My Sight was starting up.

Everyone was standing around just talking. When suddenly a voice sounded. "The Dark has broken through!" 

The creature that Ashton had found broke out of the building and ran towards the broken wall. Everyone was screaming. And I saw blood.

I return to reality as I hear my name called. I turned to see Baila running toward me.

"Airy I-" she begins but I cut her off.

"In a few minutes that creature that Ashton has in there is going to break out and the rest of The Dark waiting outside is going to come in." I told her urgetly.

"Are you sure?" I could see the fear in her eyes turn to horror.

"I'm postive." I nod.

Just then, like I predicted, the voice sounded off and not much later the creature broke through the side of the builing. Not much later Meyla and Murphy appeared right next to us.

"Ashton told me to get you guys." Baila and I look at each other and nod.

Meyla teleported all of us to where Ashton was waiting in the ambulance. He smiled.

"Ok, now let's kill the dark and wreak havoc!" he says to us before he kicks the doors of the ambulance and we all jump out.

The End

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