Ashton: Fighting the Dark.

While in the ambulance I get an idea.

"Hey, Meyla, can you teleport while holding people, and will they teleport with you?"


"OK, perfect, I need you to get Airy, Murphy, and Baila. Get them here and get them fast."

Within less than a minute she had shifted, she brought back Airy, Murphy and Baila, just as I asked.

"Ok, now let's kill the Dark and wreak havoc!"

I kick out the back doors of the ambulance and jump out.


A Darkrai falls to the ground and convulses.


An Aerodark falls from the sky and begins to convulse. Then, from Meyla, Airy, Murphy and Baila there is just carnage all around. And I barely need to incapacitate them. Then, I see Kevin passing out.

"No! Cure!"

His mind is slightly restored.


Then, his mind is fully healed. I see a Behemoth Dark about to crush him.


The Behemoth Dark crashes to the ground, as it's entire body seizes up. And I continue to incapacitate the foes, and heal the friends. As that is my job.

The End

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