Kevin: Tracking

The Honourdark disappears and banging noises come from the vents. The magiscientist seemed really angry at the prospect and began blaming it on me.

"I'm sorry, I can make up for my mistake, but right now we need to focus on getting it back and the oncoming wave of Darks." I say over there shouts, " Did you guys plant a GPS on it?"


"Then what are we waiting for lets follow it." Ashton says. The paramedic takes a device out of her jacket.

"He is at the broken perimeter."

"Lets get going then." Meyla says as Ashton walks out the double doors, and the paramedic follows,and we all climb into the ambulance zooming off to the destruction and screams.

A few minute later we hit the destruction as the ambulance is bounced around by attacking darks, I open the doors walking into a blood soaked ground, Behemoth darks where just entering the perimeter, and something was killing them. A little closer to our posistion was a oncoming horde of Darks, and wheels. I could take them all out quickly but I  could only do it once, and if there was more I would be to vulnerable.

"Scorcher" I shout as a controllable wall of fire surrounds it I direct it with my hands trying to burn them out while keeping a defensive wall around us as Ashton and Meyla did their own thing. The darks break through the flames hurt but still able to kill.

"Sky Piercer."  The swords swirls into my hands I and I swing it forwards creating  dangerous arc of destrcution slicing many of the darks in half. Next was the wheels, and they began firing chips that hit turned multiple parts of the ambulance into darks.  I run forwards cutting one and then creating an acr for the next one which takes off on its guns before it turns to me, I rolled out of the was chips hit the ground next to me creating mor enemies to fight. I was quickly surrounded ,and overun defending multiple hits until one gets me on the arm, and slams me into the ground, they all begin to grab at me. Only one solution, the sword disapears. 

"Meterora!"   The storms of metors emit from my body blasting the darks off of me and anything else around me, time slows as I lose conciousness.


The End

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