Etha (Dyerz)

My head pounded, the dark were here. I looked around the room and ignored the desire to cut their throats. I cloaked my blades, making sure that no one saw them go missing. I dragged the blades, an extension of my body towards me using my shields. Still, no one noticed. The blades floated invisible in mid air, and attached to my forearms. They can't possibly forgive me, but I can start repaying my slaughter with slaughter. 

A kid fell through the ceiling, drawing everyone's attention. I began concentrating, amplifying my personal shields power. Half a minute later, it was ready. This shouldn't harm anyone... I think. My shield burst forth, knocking everyone of their feet. My bonds failed, and I feel to the floor. I cloaked, silently running across the room. I jumped into a duct, and crawled as shouts echoed across the room. I made it outside the building, being as careful as possible. In the distance, the dark were moving in. I moved my hand across my mouth, feeling the split. The voice of mutilation kept calling for the humans destruction. 

I jumped onto a house, ignoring the crowd to the best of my abilities. I kept running, until I made it to the dark. They had moved through the gap that I had created. Unfortunate for them. My blades extended, and I jumped into their mist, decloaking with a roar. They scattered, as I killed 30 of them in half a minute. A boom shook the ground. I looked up, seeing a behemoth dark. I rolled back as it slammed it's fist into the ground. I got up to my feet, and ran up it's arm. I jumped half way up, as it's hand clamped were it was. My blades extended, as I went for it's face.

The End

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