Kevin: Surprisingly Stealthy

"SkyPiercer!" I shout seeing the dark massacring a group of people, but Ashton had beaten to the catch and had it under control, as my large silver and black sword appeared in my hand, with an elegant blue and red handle, I cast it away as he got into the ambulance with the thing.  I had to follow, that dark was unbelievably strange, and I wanted to know more. Now I wished I had a fast mode of transportation, after I create my half life I'm going to make something. The ambulance began moving so I had to improvise quickly. Searching around my surroundings I see an abandoned bike sitting on a roof. A smile grew on my face.

"Good enough for me."

I run up to the wall putting my first foot on it lightly before jumping again grabbing the roof and pulling myself up. The tires were out of air, and the chain was broken, but it was quite easy to imagine the broken bits back to together. However my head hurt because I didn't use a spell and was free styling with magic. The ambulance was gaining speed, and the crowd was moving out of its way. I didn't have much time, I petal off the 10 foot drop hoping I had the enough balance to land as I sent myself into the air. I hit the ground the bike,and I lurching forwards, bouncing in the air, and the concrete growing ever closer with each bounce, I bring my weight backwards balancing out the bike. Up ahead the ambulance was heading to the processing unit, I petal as hard as I can gaining speed.

Once at the processing unit I stay a distance back from Ashton and the paramedic as the bring the dark inside. I could hardly hear what they until they entered a pair of double doors, that I couldn't open probably because I needed a permit but I heard the paramedic say.

"We have an Honourdark." My eyes widen as I remember a few lectures from miss Kutner believing honour Darks created themselves using creation spells, but it was only a theory.

"An hounourdark." I mutter.  I have to see what was on the other side of these bloody doors! I turn around a pair of guards coming around the corner  I dive into the shadows by a vent hoping they didn't see my obvious attempt at hiding. Not worrying whether they had seen me or not, I open the vent and crawl in having to squish my shoulders inward making breathing hard. a few meters ahead the shaft lead up with a ladder. Guess it was my lucky day,  I get up finding another grate looking down upon Ashton, and the paramedic, then a Girl appeared of nowhere.

"Necromancer." I guessed quietly. I lean a bit closer to listen in.

"Meyla?" Ashton said a bit surprised.

"Let me guess wondering. You're wondering how to turn him back? Well, there is only one thing that I know you can do..... you can only give back its mortality. By killing it then bringing him back" The girl says sort of ignoring Ashton's greeting.

"Resurrection?!?" The Magiscientists says so quietly I really had to strain my hearing to hear it , "It can't be done. Every human whose tried it-"

 "That thing aint human. He's only human in mind" She cuts him off then looks at Ashton," What do you think.

Creak, Bang." The grate gives underneath my wait and I hit the floor winding myself.

"Could someone stop these damn teenagers from appearing in my lab!" One the Magiescientist says angrily.

"Ow." I wheeze rolling over to see the somewhat surprised face's of Ashton, and Meyla, " Hi, thought I would drop in, was bit curious about the Honourdark, and as some say curiosity killed the cat." My voice still a bit wheezy as air began to fill my lungs again. Before either one of them could respond an alarm goes off.

"Perimeter broken, outer walls are flooded by dark." A feminine computer voice screeches.

The End

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