Meyla: Kill then Heal

When the entire school runs to the hospital I shake my head watching. "That Honourdark ain't getting out there" I turn to see Drake walking over his shadow man following him.

"Why does it matter?" I say looking back to the hospital. Drake shakes his head and pulls a book out from beneath the cloak he's wearing. He hands it to me and I look at it. "So?" I question raising an eyebrow at him.

"I think you know what that is Meyla" Drake says his shadow man forming into a chair which he sits down in.

"Its The Book of Dead, a set of spells for necromancers and accurate to-the-day document of dead souls" I say passing my hand over the cover. "Why are you showing me this? Its meant to be at the bottom of the ocean with the rest in a vault"

Drake shrugs rising up. "Page 4 has a great spell there that no necromancer should have touched" He says.

I turn to page four struggling under the weight of the book. "Oh my god" I whisper letting my fingers stroke over the words. "I need to get into that hospital" I slam the book shut and hand it back to Drake, whose smiling.

"Shift" I whisper. I land in the hospital room and tumble causing everyone to turn and watch as I push myself up moaning. "That hurt"

"Meyla?" I look up to see Ashton and get to my feet.

"Let me guess wondering. You're wondering how to turn him back?" Everyone just gawks. "Well, there only one thing that I know you can do..... you can only give back its mortality. By killing it then bringing him back"

"Resurection?!?" Mr Magisientists whispers. Then he slowly shakes his head. "It can't be done. Every human whose tried it-"

I cut him off. "That thing aint human. He's only human in mind" I look at Ashton. "What do you think?"

The End

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