Ashton: Carnage.

I was at the school, simply healing for the sparring matches when I heard a woman scream outside. Curious, I started to walk over there, then I heard a siren.

"What the..."

I began to run and eventually I came to the carnage. There was death everywhere. People were dead.


I ran to some of the injured and began to heal them. Then, I saw it. A Dark that was inside the barrier.


The Dark had a split jaw with two tongues. It's eyes were read. There was no hair, and the entire body looked as if it had been set on fire.There were two swords in it's black hands. I was terrified.

"Good God."

It began walking towards me, with a look of disdain. I used my Healer's Mind and saw that it was immune to pain, and it wasn't living off it's organs or blood. Only it's mind was intact, so I had to attack that.


The Dark fell upon it's knees and grasped it's head between it's hands.

 "This isn't right! They deserve to die! My friends, my family..." The Dark screamed "I'm just my former shadow. I am more!"

"Dia! Dia! Dia! Dia! Dia!"

The overcast and collection of Dia shut it's mind down and it passed out. Then I walked towards it.

"Hey! Get me a blindfold!"

Someone from the crowd gives me a strip of cloth. And I wrap the cloth around the Dark's head. Then I heard cries from the crowd for justice.

"Kill him! He doesn't deserve to live! He's a Dark!" They all yelled and screamed.

"No! We need to give him due process. We are not animals! He may be able to be changed back."

Ignoring my rather small speech, they continued to scream for the execution and death of the creature. Then, the ambulance worker came.

"Hi, my name's Lucy, can you help me take him to the processing unit?"

"Yeah, I'll ride in the back."

Her and I carried the Dark into the back of the ambulance.

"Are you sure it's OK to ride with him?"


So, reluctantly, she shuts the door and gets into the front. She turns on the siren and begins to drive again.

"I think I'm going to miss school."

She laughed, some form of life during this carnage, it was a blessing. After a small amount of time, we managed to get to the processing unit. A large government building where all scientific and legal processess happen. Not many people ever see the inside.

She gets out of the front and opens the back. And we pull out the Dark. Then, she pulls out the stretcher. She opens it out completely and we put the Dark upon it. Then, we carry him off into the processing unit. I try to make small talk.

"So, where's you're puppet?"

"It's in South Africa destroying Darks in the Congo."

"Neat, mine's near the meteor."

"What meteor?"

"The one that struck the day the Dark came. It's where I decided to start my expedition. I found the Dark's Gaia, and I've been discerning it's weaknessess these past few days. But... it's hard to stay around. 'Cause Behemoth Darks just hang around all the time, and so I just have to kill them."

She nods as we walk through the double doors into a large experimental hall. And there were several Magiscientists there.

"Under what authority are you here?"

"We found a Honourdark."

His eyes widen, and mine does as well.

"A Honourdark? Those are really rare!" I say.

"A live specimen?" He says.

She nods, commenting on both mine and his. Then, the Magiscientists move him with their telekenetic powers up to a wall. And they tie his hands and feet to the wall, also with their telekenetic powers.

"OK, so we need to disect him."

"No! We, no, we can't do that!"

"Yes, he's waking up! Take the blindofld off!"

She shoves her way into his vision.

"My name's Lucy, behind me is a volunteer, Ashton. Nod if you can understand me."

Lucy waved her hand infront of his eyes, and he weakly nodded.

"You're sick, we can cure you're mind. You're body, however, is a different story. Can't do anything about that."

Then he vomited, most of it going onto the floor, but some of it going onto him. The Magiscientists seemed to mop up his chest with some weird mind power.

"What's your name?"

 He looked up at her, with a seeming rage in his eye.


I noticed him starting to regain his strength, then I looked at the Magiscientists.

"Can you restrain him if something goes wrong?"

One of the scientists smiles. "Oh, yes, we can restrain him. We can also kill him. All without touching him. We can mess with his mind so much that he forgets how to move."

"OK, as long as we're in no danger by letting him come to full consciousness."

Then I walk up the Etha and I cure his mind. Then everything seems to come into sharper focus for him. Assuming that he had heard what the Magiscientists said. Then, someone runs into the room.

"Uh, sir?"

One of the Magiscientists walks up to him, "yes?"

"Sir, there is a mob of people forming outside. The school is empty, so we can only assume all the children and teenagers are there as well."

"Lock the doors, keep them out. We need more time with Etha."

Then one of the Magiscientists asked me. "What can you tell with your Healer's Mind."

"Well, I know he's 7"6'; he has 76% fast-twitch; he has a cold; his blood has stopped running and he doesn't rely on organs or muscles. His whole body is moved by a dark energy it seems. His hair, if he had any, would be red. He is the slightest bit farsighted. Among other things."

"So, everything else is normal?"


"Could you find the spell used to turn him into an Honourdark?"

"No, no I can't."

"Why not?"

"Mr. Magiscientist, could you jump to the moon and breath?"


"Why not?"

"Point taken. Well if we could just find out the spell then we could find a way to reverse him."

I begin to think, trying to find something that would work.

The End

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