Etha (Dyerz)

Deep, mumbled voices came through. Darkness crowded my eyes. "wwweeee... noo... caaannn'ttt... yees... he's... king up... taake the blindfold offf..." A hand brushed my head and blinding light came through. I looked at my legs and arms, restraints held me high upon a wall. A blurry hand waved in front of my face. A woman's face came into view, blurred every time she moved. "My naame's Luucy, behind mee is aa voluunnteer, Assshton. Nood if you caan unnderstannd meee." I nodded weakly. "Youu'ree siick, weee cann curre yooure mind." She came into full focus. "Yoou're body, however, is a different story. Can't do anything about that." I vomited onto the floor, causing Lucy to take a few eager steps back. "What's your name?" This disingenuous cow deserves my blade.

The End

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