Etha (Dyerz)

Blood squirted across my chest... shivers went through my whole body. Dylan slumped down against a blood covered tree. I started shaking with excitement. Finally, I could gain honour and lift their heels of the fuse. I began walking towards the village. Should I invite others? Yet, they may dishonour me and the fallen... there are too few of my kind. No, alone I shall take upon the slaughter.

With that, I started walking past the villages defences. My body began bending light, acting as a cloak. After half an hour, I walked in. Houses were everywheres, stores... a child started dancing in front of me. None could expect this. Walking up to the child, I stabbed her, lifting her 7 and a half feet in the air up to my face. I growled, and tossed her into a wall. Her mother saw her on the ground and screamed. The small crowd either started running, or started using their powers in random directions. Shields encumbered all of them, and I took my cloak of, reading their names. A man looked at me, all but his eyes frozen. I growled "soon, all of your race will be purged. Join your fallen and sing defeat." My blades extended, slicing and dicing through. A siren sounded nearby. I laughed, cloaking. People were running by, some to help. Many were trying to track me down. A headache started throbbing.

A woman yelled "where's a healer?!" I climbed onto the side of a building, waiting for everyone to culminate in satisfactory numbers. A teenager ran up to the woman, healing her. Impatience went through my blood.  In the distance, the school closed it's doors. Other teenagers ran up... not a fair fight. Humans, sending the young to die. Sub-standard beings, it's an outrage!

I jumped of the building and decloaked. My blades extended, a natural circle formed around me. Fire engulfed me, wind, water and even rock. I savoured the pain, as the heat went through my shield.  My blade went for it's first throat, hungry. My headache started becoming unbearable.

Guilt went through my body like a wave, and I collapsed to one knee. I started yelling "this isn't right! THEY DESERVE TO DIE! My friends, my family..." The headache increased. "I'm just my former shadow. I AM MORE!" The crowd stopped attacking me, as I collapsed into darkness.

The End

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