Meyla: Headache

I left my apprenticeship with a headache. Stupid Drake. I read all the books but what I first didn't know is he gave me them in a different language.

So I had to search for a mind that could speak each one and realised eventually Drake did but he only occasionally let words slip through his mind barrier. I'd rather have practiced Tome and that gives you a right pain in the back if you dont use it right. Although its prefered for a landing instead of hard concreate.

I moan and put a hand to my head. I have Sparring I think. Oh Joy, I'm going to so enjoy it now with one hell of a headache.

"Hey" I look up to see Ashton smiling at me.

"Hi" I mumble and look back at the floor one hand still up on my head. Ashton frowns and stands in front of my forcing me to stop. He puts a hand to my head and slowly the pain numbs. "Thank you" I mutter looking away as he pulls his hand back.

"No problem" He says with a smile. "What you got next?"

I look back at him and know my cheeks are slightly flushed. "Sparring" I say with a shrug. "I was considered good in my last school"

"Ah, cool. I'm helping in that class with healing" Ashton says walking at my side as we begin to move towards the class again. I nod and pull my hood further up and this causes Ashton to look confused. "Why do you wear a hood all the time?"

I shrug. "It became a habit from my first school where there was no Necromancers and everyone hated me. It sort of kept in my last school cause all my friends did it" I say smiling slightly.

"Hmm, your powers are the exact opposite to mine" Ashton says bumping my shoulder causing several thoughts to pass into my head. "You mess with Shadows of the Dead and I heal those close to it"

"As long as I'm no where close to being what I control I'm fine with everything" I say stopping in front of sparring class and facing Ashton. "Besides, I've got no plans after school. Aren't you applying to become a doctor or something at a hospital?"

"Yeah, always room for more competent healers out there" Ashton says with a calm smile.

"Thats cool. I've always wanted to be a poet but.... not really gonna get a job like that easily with what I do" I say turning and heading into the sparring lesson.

The End

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