Ashton: Healing Apprenticeship.

General Studies was rather interesting. We learnt about some people who had mysteriously gone missing and the local authorities were beggining to think the Dark had obtained intelligence.

But after General Studies was time for all Apprenticeships. I walk down the hallway and turn a corner and walk onwards to Healing Apprenticeship. Healing is one of the more popular ones, with at least 12 participants. Our teacher was Mr. Berath. I walk in.

"Hello, Ashton."

"Mr. Berath, Morning."

"So, Beast Mastery Apprenticeship has told me that they're going to be taming Lions. And then affecting their molecular stability by making them stronger or weaker. So, you should go and Heal for that room."

"Beast Mastery, interesting. Ok, I'll go."

So, I step out of my class and walk to the Beast Mastery Apprenticeship class. I walk through the door and see about 8 lions, one for each of the students. I walk up to the teacher in the room.

"Hello, I'm here to heal for your room."

"Oh, alright. Well, I don't think we'll have many injuries,  most of these guys are pretty careful, but yeah just in case. School laws and all."

I nod, completely understanding. Then a lion takes sight to me. I notice it rearing up and then it gets into position to pounce. I look straight into it's eyes while the person who is trying to control it is trying to get it's attention. Then, the lion pounces and everything seems to slow down as my adrenaline pulses through my body.

Which spell will make it unable to attack. Right.


Then the whole body of the lion, bones muscles and all buckles underneath it. It falls to the ground and skids to a stop infront of me. I pat it's head.


All the damage is reversed completely and it gets up, albiet a little dazed but it seems to realize that I'm not a target. It goes back to the person trying to control it. Then the teacher walks over to me.

"That was pretty nifty. I didn't know Healer's could attack."

I turn to him.

"Oh, it's not an attack, more of an incapacitorial measure. Sometimes there are patients who don't want to be cured. And you need to take force."



"So, I heard you're getting together a band to find the source of the Dark. How do you suppose you'll do that."

"When the ribbons began falling from the sky, there was also an asteroid strike. I think that if I find that Asteroid, I will find their Gaia."

"Gaia? Planetary life-force? Hah, Ashton you really do crack me up."

I turn to him.

"No, I think I'm right on it." I go back to looking over the room. "Even spirits can be Healed."

"Heh, can you bring them back from the dead?"

I turn to him, "not yet. Not yet."

And I look back to the class.

"When do you think you will?"

"Mr. Berath only teaches us new skills once a month. Sometimes he'll tell you to skip out on a teaching because he doesn't believe you're up to that level or you already know it."

"Does anyone ever miss a teaching?"

"No, the day before a person's graduation, anything they can't do that they should be able to do, he teaches them."

"Hmm, interesting teaching tactic."

"He is an interesting teacher."

By now each of the students had successfully taken control of their respective lion. And they began to make their lions stronger in different aspects. As after, there will be a spar.

"I hear Beast Masters get their own spar, is that correct?"

"Oh, yes, where they spar with animals. After the first year, many of the students have already chosen a familiar animal. That is what they use in sparring."

"Ah, I see."

"What year are you in?"

"Fourth, this is my last year."

"Congratulations. What do you intend on being when you graduate?"

"Well, I plan on working at the hospital. They always need more competent healers."

"They have so many applications."

I turn to the teacher agian. "They have so many patients. Everyone seems stupid enough to go wandering out into the Darkness, their territory. I remember as a kid, It would be a game to go in. And the one who went furthest won."

"Did you ever win?"

"Sadly, yes."

I turn back to look at all the students. One had made his lion have wings, another gave his lion different feet, another gave his lion bear paws. Each lion was now completely different. Made for fighting.

"Is Beast Mastery fighting humane?"

"There's always a Healer there, one who has passed school. So they forget the pain."

"Ah, OK."

"You should know, these lions can easily be put back to normal, as that's something Healers can do. They can redo all genetic malforming."

"Hmm, right, I remember that."

Then the bell rung. Apprenticeship was over, and I had three spares out of the day. So, I went back to Mr. Berath. It took me a short two minutes to get to him.

"Hey, Mr. Berath."

"Hey, Ashton, what's up?"

"Well, I was going to ask if it was OK if I Healed for one of the sparring practices."

"Oh, yeah, go ahead."

So that's what I did, I went to Heal for Sparring practices.

The End

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