Kevin: Creations

during general studies, Ashton tells me about planning a group to find the source of the dark and invited me to join, I said I would think about joining which was really a delayed yes because I really couldn't turn down such an offer. When general studies finished I ran from that class as fast as possible, to my apprenticeship in creation, I shared the class with on other student who didn't show much interest for the class, which was unfortunate because it was quite fun.

"Morning Kevin." A voice echoes throughout a room that held infinite room, and possibilities, a pair of white stairs appear above my head as my teacher appears to be defy gravity walking on the upside down stairs," If you would like to attend today's class you're going to have to understand the structure of my creation." The 35 year old women smile

"Oh you think I'm going to be fooled miss Kutner?" I say already have worked out it was I who was defying gravity by simply imagining I was on the floor when I was truly on the ceiling. Her smile faded slightly.

" Oh well this isn't one of my harder puzzles." She said the smile reappearing.  Stephen walked  in confused seeing Miss Kutner and I simply walking upside down.

"Oh Stephen today's puzzle may be slightly difficult for you, but I will give you a hint. Look up." She say then walks towards the middle of the room leaving poor Stephen to his own devices.

"Shouldn't we just let him up, it's hard enough for him that he doesn't pay attention."

"Yes but at this point he is already failing, and I don't think he particularly cares. Stinking rich kids." She mumbles the last part, I knew its wrong for a teacher to dislike a student especially for there background, but the kid was only here because his dad wanted him to be here.

"So what are doing today? A challenge? Creating? Or another lecture?" I ask sitting in an  leather wheel like chair that shifted around my body for my preferred comfort.

"Creation." She says simply closing her violet eyes for a moment then waving her hand." Talyn." Her lips whisper a silver animal appeared each limb made of polygon, its wings quite detailed but made of many small triangles, a cube head with a rectangle extruding from the bottom, and a long tail with a spear tip at the end. I wasn't sure what it was until it moved without Miss Kutner saying anything or directing it with her hands.

"Animated creation, or other wise known as a Half life." I whisper.

"Indeed, this is Talyn , I haven't perfected him yet but I only made it for this demonstration."

"Do you want me to make a Half life?" I ask.

"Isn't the answer obvious. Yes."

"But that's!..." I cry.

"Beyond your level? Not really that would be putting a limit on your imagination, don't ever do that. Yes agreeable its going to be hard sense I want your Half life to be intelligent, and capable of walking, flying, and have some combative ability." 

"Any size preferences?" I ask taking out a pencil.

"Knee height at the smallest, and as large as you want." She smiles.

"One last question, what degree of intelligence?" I say holding back my disbelief back that she believed that I could successfully create a half life, most creators took 2 years to make rough working one, and I'm not even sure how Miss Kutner can take the skill so lightly.

"The level of intelligent of a domesticated animal, one rule is to never, ever give a half life a mind." She says darkly turning away to hide her facial expression.

"Alright."  I say getting down to work trying to draw my own animated creation.

After many attempts at a certain design that failed to move perfectly and erasing my work,and trying again, It was time for my next class. Miss Kutner takes a look at my my book just before I leave.

"Good job so far maybe by then end of the week you will have a controlled model, then you can start working on its intelligence."

"Thanks I weakly smile." Before leaving to sparring.


The End

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