Airy: Nightmares and Tardiness

I raced as fast as I could trying to get to my parents before it was too late. My parents were well known fighters and had been said to be an unstopable couple. But no one was unstopable. If I didn't get to them in time that's what was going to happen.

"I can make it." I said to myself. My legs were screaming for me to stop running but I wasn't going to stop. Not until I...

I turned the corner just as the thing attack my parents.

"NOOO!" I yelled


I sat up in bed in a cold sweat, breathing quickly. After a minute my breathing returned to normal and I relaxed a bit.

"It was just a dream." I told myself over and over again. But I knew it wasn't just a dream. That's exactly what had happened when The Dark had appeared. Since then I had been living with my neighbors who had offered to take me in. 

I glanced at the time and cursed. I was going to be late to school! I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to get ready.

Once I stood in front of the school and sighed before putting on a smile and walking in. I knew that class had started and I knew exactly what my Astral Apprenticeship teacher was going to say as I entered the class room.

"Aryanna, you're late." she said with pursed lips.

"I know. I woke up later than usual." I smiled at her as I took my seat next to my friends.

"Well let's hope you're not late again."

"Of course."

The End

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