I pull my hood higher and let my midnight black hair fall in waves and tumbles around my face. I pull the strap of my rucksack higher gripping it tightly with my hand and lower my head again. I don't belong here.

"Hey, what the matter?" I look up to see a boy smiling down at me. I poke at his mind.... Ashton.

"Nothing wrong but thank you for asking Ashton" I say with a smile. His brow creases confused and I laugh. "It okay, I just read your mind" I wave my free hand discarding what I just did.

"Hmm, thats impressive. A rare gift Whisper I thought" Ashton says. Yeah and a curse. "Whats your name then?"

"Meyla" I say smiling slightly.

"Cool, whats your appreticeship then?" He asks now smiling with me. But my smile falls away and I look back down at the floor feeling cold clench at my heart.

"Necromancer" I say quietly.

"Oh, well thats cool" He says. I nod trying not to point out that its not cool and that there is no other Necromancer student at the bloody school. I'm here to learn from the best and the only reason I'm here is cause he chose me to teach. I'd rather be back at my old school with the other seven apprentice Necromancers I knew.

"I think I better go and get to class" I say then run of feeling a little poke at my mind then confused thoughts from Ashton. "Shift" I mutter and disapear to only reappear in front of my new masters door.

I knock lightly and it swings open a form of shadows in the shape of a man greating me. So close to what a Dark looks like that if I were not an apprentice Necromancer I would mistake it for.

"Come it Meyla" a male voice calls. I walk in to find a man sitting in the centre of the room. He's sat back in his chair a book held in front of him with one hand and a glass in the other. The Shadow Man walks pass me and gathers a pile of books dumping them into my hands. 

"I'd like you to read these" The man in the centre of the room tells me. He doesn't even look up from his book when he does so. I study him carefully. Midnight black hair, slightly longer than short then the complete black eyes of a Necromancer.

I look down at the books in my arms. "But I've already read these, Master Drake" I say calmly. The man looks up allowing me to see his face and I gasp when I realise its true. That the best Necromancer is only in his 20's.... 23 if you want to be exact.

"I know you have Meyla but I wish for you too read them again and please just call me Drake" He says finally putting down his book and looking at me before taking a sip of his drink. "Now chop chop you only have an hour"

I nod and he smiles watching me sit at the table and open the first book.

The End

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