Murphy: Helping Myself

"I'll go to my next class now. Thanks for showing me around," I told Ashton.

"Alright, stay out of trouble," he said, somehow not knowing that trouble was exactly where I was headed.  I walked to the Elemancy wing, and saw the Aeromancer that had decided to screw with me yesterday.  I took a rock from my pocket and fashioned a club out of it. I walked up to him and slammed the club into his stomach. He was launched into the wall. I walked away.

 "You don't do that. Getting even isn't worth anything," Ashton said, and I got a headache the size of a Behemoth. I tried to get up, but I couldn't. I fell over.

The headache stops, and Ashton told me to be careful. I got up and walked to my Apprenticeship class.

"Hello, Murphy," the Terromancy master said.

"Hello, Master," I said. the class began.

The End

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