Etha (Dyerz

 I looked at the human settlement. Hard to believe that I used to be one of them... hard to believe that something like me could exist. I moved my black, bladed arms onto a mans skull. Crying, per usual. Not to worry, though... he would be dead soon. Like the rest of their incompetent race.

 The man started screaming "I SWEAR, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET IN!" My mouth twisted, jaw split in half. Two tongues forked through teeth to form words "you have a chance to join the few like me. For in eternity is peace, and in the few is honour." The man looked at me in confused disbelief and excaimed "I don't know anything!" My hand began moving his shoulder blade out of place. He cried "there is a guy." My grip loosened. "WHO?!" He cried "Dylan, he's leaving soon, going to another settlement. I don't know when!" With that, I slit his throat. Blood sprayed my body, sending a chill to my spine. I spat the name "Dylan... pray to what gods may be."

The End

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