Ashton: Hurry, quick.

"Who was that?"

"Kevin, he's a good guy, you don't have to worry about him."

"Have you ever had to defend him?"

"No, he keeps to himself mostly; always drawing in the notebook."

"What does he draw?"

"I don't know, nor do I really have an urging to find out. I naturally assume it has to do with his class, but my Healer's Mind doesn't tell me anything about it."

"Healer's Mind?"

"Yeah, a skill you learn as a Healer. It's complicated."

"Hmm, OK."

As we turn the last corner, officially ending 'showing him around' I stop him before his next class, General Studies, which happens to be my first class as well..

"Listen, I told you about the expedition I'm trying to take. Trying to bring together a group of people to find the source of The Dark and eventually stop it. Well, if you want to join or if you find anyone else that would like to join, then just talk to me. I can usually be found in Mr. Berath, the Healer Apprenticeship teacher. But if I'm not there, then you can ask him, he tends to know."

"OK, thank you."

"Now, get inside."

As he walks through the door I  walk in. The teacher looks at me and nods, indicated that she knows why I was late. So, I sit in the only free seat, the one in between Kevin and Murphy.


The End

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