The Dark

A post-apocalyptic world. In the year 2010 a mysterious dark ribbons began floating from the sky, they eventually created The Dark, a race of beings. Now, mankind is just surviving, with small communities being precious commodities, some would sacrifice their life for the community. But, The Dark, are starting to come in, what will happen next?

Hello, welcome to The Dark.

In the year 2010 mysterious dark ribbons began falling from the sky. News reports had many different and conflicting theories on what these ribbons were, then one day Darks began to crawl up from the ground. Everyone panicked, but people learnt that these Dark Creatures were physical and could be harmed.

Small communitites do exist, containing about 5,000-10,000 people on average. But, The Dark are beggining to develop an immunity to the chemical placed around these settlements, they are beggining to enter the cities.

Each city has a school, a large school that covers grades K-12 for all children. The classes that one can take are

-General Studies (A must, everyone takes general studies)

-Class apprentiship (Where you take a class, learning how to use the abilities in your class)

-Simulation (You learn how to fight simulations of actual Dark creatures)

-Puppet exp. (Using your puppet helps you gain credits)

-Strategy (Teaching you the best ways to kill Dark creatures, and using your gifts or your friends gifts to get the most favourable outcome)

-Social Studies (Study the heirarchy within both Human and Dark clans)

-Sparring practise (Spar against your classmates)

-Sciences & Math (Learn skills that will help you mainting human society by gaining a job)

There are a total of 10 species of Dark creatures.

-Dark (They look like normal humans, except completely black)

-Aerodark (They look like Pterodactyls)

-Hydrodark (They look like Leoplurodons)

-Amphidark (They look like large toads, with strong tongue muscles to pull you into their mouths)

-Pyrodark (Rare darks that spawn from fires or lightning strikes)

-Darkrai (When a collection of Darks come together, they absorb eachother and become a Darkrai)

-Wheels (Darks that look like large wheels, they have two guns on the side that fire Chips)

-Chips (Darks that look like small computer chips, when they attach onto something they turn it into either a Darkrai or a Behemoth Dark. In towns that have been completly destroyed by The Dark, Chips float out of the ground until about 130 feet into the air)

-Dark Dogs (Darks that look like large wolves, where they are, a Behemoth Dark is sure to be)

-Behemoth Darks (Extremly large Darks, they are nearly impossible to kill. And when you do kill them, they shatter into a multitude of other Dark Creatures)

Over the years, humans have developed classes with which to obtain certain powers. Each class has powers that coincide with their class, i.e. (Healer class = Healing powers). Note: One persons Healer class will be different from another persons Healer class. Most powers stem from what is in the heart of the person, classes come afterwards to help hone these powers.

The End

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