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Christian Religion Section – Harley Kincaid - New Harbor Maine Sentinel – Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Harbor, ME. - Whenever I shop for groceries, I worry a little. I worry about getting the best and freshest foods for my family. Even though it costs me a bit more, I often make a choice to buy organic produce. Why? Because the label “Organic” means the item was grown in a simple way, without pesticides, without chemicals, in healthy soil and using old fashioned values of sunlight and goodness.

The same is true with our Christian morals and values. The Bible should have an Organic label. It is something we can trust. It is the simple, unvarnished truth from God. It has withstood the test of time immemorial. Centuries of learning, teaching and testing have produced glorious societies whose people have agreed to be governed by the rule of Law equally and blindly for everyone and not the bald-faced tyranny we see everywhere in our country today. Justice today is political and goes to those who have money and who can scream the loudest that they are the victims of inequity.  

There are literally a hundred non-organic, chemically derived “moral” interpretations of life offered to us every day and every day we have a choice whether to buy into the non-organic fruits or stay with the tried and true Organic biblical truths.

  • Hollywood pulls us one way into Hell; constantly pushing the limits of what is acceptable behavior in our daily lives and presenting unreal moral conundrums and puzzles that fog our moral lens and our ability to perceive Christian values as timeless, unchanging and simply Organic - from God Almighty.
  • The “art” community fosters degraded views of religion and takes the easy and sinful path to offer straightforward nudity and shocking images as “art” instead of inspirational works that make us think rather than just emotionally react to rudeness and crudeness.  
  • The “music” industry offers punks and radicals; all with enlightened “messages” driven by shocking images, nudity, sexuality and perversion with their particular drug-addled brand of “truth”.
  • The government purports to foster no religion and yet offers a clearly a-moral stance on most things, preferring to sanctify the very worst of our people and our morals instead of the very best, all in the name of being fair to everyone. They slather on the non-organic toxins by watering down truth and distorting honest hard-working people of character into becoming criminals of the state; because we dare to stand up and tell the truth. The message we allow them to thrust upon our children’s minds in our schools is that our Christian values are antiquated and inflexible; and that their non-organic society is modern and tolerant and somehow carries more moral fairness and weight than the simple Organic word of God.  
  • Non-Christian religions are like weeds in our organic garden. They have their own “truths” that include utter intimidation of women, true barbarism toward each other, non-representation of the people in their governments, outright murder of innocents and continual repression of freedom. With the money many of them are currently receiving from oil revenues they’re now able to quietly influence entire sections of our country with their particular brand of “truth.” They are cowards who hide morals and character behind Burkas and perform acts of evil in the dark. They hire lawyers to take our laws and our freedoms and corrupt them for their own means, right in front of our eyes. They laugh at us and use our courts against our way of life.
  • The Law now means little to our own elite classes who boldly ignore Law they don’t agree with while wielding it like a dagger against hard-working free people of character who now cannot even fully own a piece of land. The land, our children, our rights, our religion and our future belong to “the state”.  The elites have set themselves apart from Organic people. They have placed themselves above the rest of society with separate laws protecting them and theirs, separate lives, benefits and protection from hired thugs in suits.

If you want to preserve and grow our Nation, our lives and our freedoms in the right direction and prevent the cancer of non-organic truths and thinking, chose the Organic truths of the Bible.

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