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Denver, CO.  July 22, 2012 – Craig Gilliam Reporter –
Walking downtown in Denver amidst the shade of poplar and maple trees; one gets the sense that time has slowed down. There are people meandering among museums such as the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the Denver Art Museum, and Denver Wildlife Museum. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you turn the corner on Fifth and Elm streets and you’ll come across one of the oddest museums in the city – the Museum of Horse Lore.

Among the oddities on display are the preserved skins of horses now adorning the floors as rugs, the horse of the popular television show “Mr. Ed” and the horse General Custer rode into the battle at Little Big Horn. They’re all here along with horses large and small from across the world.   

Ken Sheppard, 64, was visiting the Sunday I was there. "I just feel it is a fantastic place to come to enjoy together." Ken was there with his son Dimitry, 8.

Dave Norwood, 55, and his daughter, Emily, 15, have routinely visited the museum since she was younger. “There always something new! We like it here a lot and have been coming here since I was a kid," Emily said. 

Among the gold, brown, black, white and grey superstars of horses showcased are Doctor Fagen, known as "the Doctor"- a remarkable animal that set the world record at 1 mile on any surface, and held it for more than 20 years. There’s Easy Rider, a Hall of Fame champion who ran the fastest mile of all time on dirt by any three year old thoroughbred, and the second fastest Belmont Stakes of all time behind Secretariat. Detonator is there in one of the larger rooms. He was known as the "iron horse" of American racing history.

Greymound welcomes you at the museum’s entrance. He was named trotting horse of the century in the US. Along with Greymound is Hamburg11, known as the "father of American trotting."

In a room made to look as if you’re at the Kentucky Derby is Blackfoot, the first American-bred racehorse to win the prestigious Epsom Derby, Calipso, the only five-time winner of U.S. Horse of the Year, and Kinchsemi, a Hungarian racemare who won all 54 starts in five countries. The range of horses in this place is s phenomenal!

Overall, the museum is a four-star for downtown Denver, so if you like horses and everything to do with horses; stop by for a visit some Sunday. The museum is open Saturday-Thursdays. The cost is well worth it at $12.00 per person. Senior discounts are available by calling the museum at 265-834-8765.

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