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Tuesday, July 17, 2012 

Victor Bane was arrested this weekend by detectives David Lee, and Jacob Perez, two law enforcement officials of the Los Angeles Police Department, after sexually assaulting an upcoming actress at an audition. Bane, known for his dark, sadistic and shocking pornographic films and owner of a local Los Angeles establishment, Bane Entertainment studio, pleaded not guilty, claiming it was a 'misunderstanding,' but the young actress begged to differ, who ended up pressing charges against Bane.

A witness at the studio claimed to walking in on Bane and seeing him on top of her. 'He was roughing her up, choking her, holding her down against her will, real forcefully.' This is the second time Victor Bane has been arrested and detained by the LAPD.

Back in March of 2006, he was charged with sexual harassment and assault by one of his former employees, and as a result, lost his medical license as a plastic surgeon and his practice in Beverly Hills. No further comment from authorities could be obtained as to whether Bane would be detained indefinitely, or whether a preliminary hearing is pending or not, but the LAPD is keeping a close eye on Bane, and more information will become available in the next few days.

- Article by Amy West

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