Desmond Nevara

I hit my head hard on metal cart waking from the very real nightmare played through my head. I looked around hoping to find out it was only a dream, but Aria's bodly lay there her clothes burnt and a singing pain inside of me. The nightmare was not a dream. The pain from initially being cursed had subsided but it was still there my skin was no longer burned. I had heard that certian curses that inflict damage on the person who was cursed will regenearate wounds  more quickly than a human  but over a period of hours.  This didn't matter as much as the image of me killing Aria played through my head agian, I felt like a stone had landed in my stomach and my heart was tearing itself apart.  I killed her, its my fault, my hands were still covered in her blood. I started to cry , while tearful anger surged through my body. Why?  My anger triggered the curse and my body caught on fire once more.  Everything went red as the pain mixed in with everything else. I began screaming again before I lost conciousness for a second time.

When I woke again it felt like my Emotions had been turned off I couldn't feel anything anymore just the pain.I looked at Aria agian, her beautiful body looked so a peace, a twinge in my emotionless state occured. I grabbed her body, and got her out of the blood charcoled cart and laid it on the ground below. Looking around afterwards I had an idea that I was in a scrapyard and it was around five in the morning seeing the orange glow in the horizon behind the dark polluted clouds. In the distance I heard a search crew, I guess the patrol bot had put out the order to find me. I needed to run, but was their a point in living?

"perhaps" said a voice in my head.

I looked up, perhaps was good enough for me, I took off into the down town core knowing that I needed to get things I needed to live on the run quickly before I was found out or spotted.

The End

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