The Cursed Ones (Collab)Mature

Desmond Nevara

" We've got to go!" I yelled as the sound of whining gears and metallic footstep crashed echoed throughout the empty concrete building.

"Desmond where are we gonna go were on the fifth floor?!" Aria screamed in fear grabbing my arm.

"Trust me, I won't let anything happen to you!" I said with admiral confidence but the problem is i didn't know what I was gonna do.  I started running up towards the roof. We were in an old abandoned car park filled with broken debris, glass, old cars, old televisions, computers you name it. Every teen came here to avoid curfew but it looked like this time the  patrol bots found out the little bit of freedom we could steel from the hands of the administrators. The high pitched whining sound with the clanging feet got closer. Aria was doing well to keep running and not scream but it the odds weren't looking good in the next few seconds. Desperately I looked for stair well or something we could hide in to small for the patrol bot to enter or bring blast with its concentrated energy canon.

"Desmond over there!" Aria pointed at collapsed bit of concrete with a small hole to crawl through. Perfect!

I looked down through a hole  in the concrete to only see a blue and white blur of the patrol bots metallic skin. We only had five seconds to crawl through that hole before we literally blasted into highly charged energy particles. Aria got in first, the floor began to shake from the rapid stamping and weight of the patrol bot. Sweat was building up all over as adrenaline pumped through my viens my head was pounding. I turned around to see the patrol bots oval like head with a pointed like jaw, and slit glowing eyes. With a sleek white metal face. I jumped into the hole and crawled frantically as the patrol bot fingers just grazed my shoe. Metal scraped the floor as the patrol bot withdrew its hand and the powered its dreadful canon. The sound of the canon was horrible. It was mixture of squealing steal sort of like the sound of a heavily loaded train going across a turny track, and a disgusting bubbly noise.

I exploded out of the hole grabbed Arias hand and turned left as the pile of debris was blasted into oblivion. For a moment the sound of the blast deafened the world and all we could hear was silence before everything started to feel the shock of the blast. The building rumbled and shook as dust from the ceiling fell. My ears began to bleed while a horrible ringing ran through my head. We turned another corner and up ahead was an exit from this very real nightmare.  Up ahead there was a cart that was on a rail that lead to the ground below from the patrol bot. Behind us could be heard the scraping stomping sounds of metal. Aria and I quickened are pace only to be met by a man wearing a trench coat with a crimson underside with pointed ears, a vampire.  We stopped in fear and hope he could save us or destroy us.

"How interesting to see a few tasty bites like you at such a time." The vampire said amazingly audible in the cacophony of sounds coming from our not so stealthy pursuer.

"Please help us!" Aria pleaded getting to her knees.

"Aria!" I hissed not wanting to owe anything to a vampire.

"Help? don't have much time to bargain." He noted pointing behind us where the patrol bots hand had reached and grabbed the concrete wall ripping it apart as it pulled itself forward," How about I help you and you two join my clan of vampires." He said  pulling Aria beautiful body towards him taking his hand across her cheek.

"No I would rather die then become one of you!" I said in spite letting my concealed energy blade fall from my sleeve into my hand. I pressed the release button and ran as the patrol bot tried to grab the back of my shirt causing me fly forwards. at this point I could have turned off the blade but instead I thrusted my hand forwards. The blade passed through Arias back through her heart blood spattering onto my clothes and on my hands. The vampire jumped backwards into the open air missing the killing edge of the energy blade. Shock passed through me. What had I done? With little time I managed to get aria and myself onto the cart and miss the Patrol bots eager crushing hands. In the cart Aria's life blood was everywhere including on me. She was getting cold but she had the strength utter a curse.

"DESMOND NEVARA I CURSE THEE BY HELLFIRE, THOUGH SHALT FEEL THE FLAMES OF HELL ETERANALLY IN HIS VIENS, THOUGH IS CURSED FOR HIS FEAR, QUICK THOUGHT, AND BROKEN PROMISES!" The words were deathly clear as my body lit aflame. Before I started screaming in pain I heard one last thing fall from her lips.

"I love you."

The End

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