Why me.

"OK!  Go ahead and die!"  I yelled.

I rolled my eyes.  Ugly vampire.  Fluff beards cove is a deathtrap.  I probably should go get her in a while.  I sighed and found Talbot who was sound asleep. 
What to do what to do.
Maybe I will go buy that wood stake now.  Just to be safe.  I quick jog to the city took only five minutes.  But in that time it had started to cloud up, weirdly shaped patterns of cloud soon consumed the sky.  It was quite a sight.  As I walked into Aya people started to disappear into there homes.  I walked into a nearby store and asked for a issue of Warriors Daily military and economics paper.  I payed and folded it into my pocket.  The door jingled asI walked out.  It was now starting to get windy.  I held my hat and walked back to the tree where Talbot was now awake.

"The sky, what happened."  Talbot asked.

"Clouds, lots of em."

"That was fast."

"I know."

I looked down at my paper.  I knowtisted a dark red page.  That is usualy big news.  I pulled it out and read.

As summer approaches, all should keep alert in case of a dreaded class 12 tornado hits a major urban area.  All realize that a class 12 can last up to a max of 4 hours and spin at nearly 700 kmph.  A class 12 is roughly 4 km long and and has never quite been mesured at max hight but it is beleived to be massive!  A class 12 may strike at these cities.  Orblan, Wenthord, and Aya.  Signs of a class 12 are a sudden drop then rise in temperature.  And a surge in eletrical activity in clouds that have quickly rolled in.

Oh no. 

"ITS A TWISTER!  We need to get to my bird!  The airbase is nearby!  Move fast!"

The End

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