Max Powel

Great.  A vampire with a attitude.  Luckily I use silver bullets.  Oh wait, thats for werewolves.  I need a wood stake.  

Southern Mountains, Arixia

"How much money is that again?" I said.

"18,000 Arixian dollars Mr.Powell."  The attorney  said.

I was suprised.  A friends dad leaves me that much.

"Alright then.  Thank you."

I walked out of the huge mansion and scratched my grizzled chin.  I now had some cash.  I would save that cash for something.  I looked out and saw the Arixian empire from the hill that I was on.  Fossil fuels burned.  I know.  I will make a new place.  Free of pollution.

"You, dimwit, wake up."  The sassy vampire yelled at me.

"Yeah whatcha want."  I replied.

"Your name human."

I stood up.  My Cowboy duster with its crudley drawn cat simbols fluttered in the sea breeze.  My gun sparkled in the sun.

"My name is Sir Maximus Uvlin Powell.'  I said proudly.

The End

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