Zora, the Explorer

     Zora woke up. It was 10:00 am. "Crud!" She had came there to have tons of fun and she had wasted Valuable time. Although Zora appeared to be about 12 years old, she was really 100, and maybe a little more, thanks to that 1/8 part of vampire in her! Strangely her personality was still about the same.

She went farther into the jungle, her pink tank top, white shorts and visor didn't offer much protection against the itchy bamboo splinters in the leafs she was passing by. At least I don't have to worry about bug bites! She thought. It's true, vampiric beings taste about as good as meat to a herbivore! Her fang that came out barely over her lip was almost begging to sink into something, so stuck it into a tree, trying to teach her fang to not bother her on such a day. 

Finally she reached the shore and saw two wacko's standing there. "Hey!" One of them said. She was a expert at figuring out what other people want. "Let me guess, you're some dude trying to claim this area?" She said, with a scary  look. "Not exactly i'm trying to create a community over her, care to join?" He said. "Okay!" He looked surprised. "I said okay, and you should be thankful that i'm in such a good mood!"


The End

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