It is I, Talbot.

I walk up to some strange fellow looking for people to start a new community or something.

"The name's Talbot, evoker." I smile.

The man looks at me sideways, "An evoker? For real?"


[An evoker is someone whom can summon their own soul. In the summoning community there are three kinds. Summoners summon animals they have defeated. Beckoners summon people they have defeated. And evokers summon themselves.]

"Can I see your fayth?"

[Fayth is the visible manifestation of an evoker's soul.]


I take a deep breath in, then I take my stance. Then a great flash and a loud rumble, and suddently my fayth appears. It is small and tiny. It is a bush baby.

"Careful, it's dangerous." I say with trepidation.

"Wow, that is... that's some specimen."

"Can I go with you on your expedition?"

"Yes, yes absolutely. Especially with something like that." The man tries to hide his laughter.

Then, my fayth disappears, back in my body it goes. I shake the man's hand and sit in the shade of a nearby tree with intent to sleep. I wait until I'm needed.

The End

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