Percible: The RavenMature

My trip through the pothole had led me here, a place filled with oddities and magic. Or it seemed like magic at least.

I stood on a strip of grey moss flanked by flowers which resembled street lamps. Tall rock formations which eerily reminded me of buildings towered over me, casting long shadows as the unseen sun set.

The strange man, Fuss, had vanished when I had begun to tear up out of fear and confusion. I wiped my dripping nose on my sleeve and shuffled forward along the 'road'. As day turned to night, the flowers began to glow, just like street lamps. And the rocks were lit up as well, patches appearing like windows.

I almost felt like I was home. That is, until I looked up and saw every single star there was to be seen - strange constellations I didn't recognize - and realized that the lights of this 'city' could not drown out the stars like my own could.

There was a strange far off cry. I froze. Panic rose in my throat. I felt eyes watching me.

"Who's there?" I cried out, my voice cracking.

"Whoooooo's theeeere?" Someone sang back, high and melodic.

"Come out where I can see you!" I bellowed, finding my courage.

"Come out, come out, where I, I, I can seeee you!" The disembodied voice was almost taunting me.

My curiosity and rage succumbed to my fear and I found myself running down the strip of grey moss. Had I slowed down, I would have seen the 'street lamps' lift their heads and peer at me with gleaming eyes.

Up ahead, the road suddenly ended. A mahogany writing desk sat there, a forest behind it. The forest was far more interesting than the desk, but I was too frightened to look beyond it.

Perched upon this desk was a rather large raven.

"Hello hello!" He cried, bobbing his head in greeting.

I jumped back with a start, a yell escaping my mouth.

"Well don't shout!" The raven scolded.

"Who are you?" I blurted out the question before I could swallow my words.

"The Raven," He replied, blinking his black eyes as though he were bored with all this talk.

"Don't you have a name?"

He laughed aloud, "Of course! But you thought of me as 'The Raven' the moment you set eyes on me, therefore, I am the Raven,"

This made no logical sense to me whatsoever. But I accepted it and decided to ask the next thing bothering me.

"Why is there a writing desk?"

A loud voice cut off the Raven before he could speak,

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

This new voice was loud and deep and the ground shook when it spoke.

A great lumbering figure materialized out of the dark. I saw that he was a rather large rhinoceros standing on his hind legs, a ball cap on backwards upon his head.

"Because they can both carry a note!" The Raven and the Rhinoceros said in unison, falling into a fit of laughter as they did so.

I shook my head and walked around them, heading into the strange dark forest beyond. I could not waste my time with talking animals and ridiculous jokes. I had to find my way out of this place!




The End

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