The Ladder QueenMature

"What?"  I asked, shocked.  I quickly stepped down from my ladder and addressed the Snake below.  "What did you say?"

"An unidentified stranger has begun to walk among Wonderland," he said, shaking in his boots.  "A strange boy.  With the palest hair..."

"His name?"  I asked, anxious.  "Tell me his name!" 

"We do not know...."  The whisper was barely audible, even in the silence of the room. 

"Sorry," I said.  "I didn't quite catch that.

"We don't know Queen Carey," a tiny bit louder.

"And why not?" I asked in my sweetest voice. 

There was no response. 


The room was shattered by my outburst and soon the worthless Snakes were grovling, mumbling stupid answers.  I stormed out of the doors.  The Snakes followed me out, their average bodies being drawfed by the tall doors built specially for me. 

I stepped out onto the balconey.  What a sight that created:  a tall, gangly Queen standing with long black hair billowing out behind her. 

"Fetch me my bat," I said, without turning.  One of the Snakes immediately tore off and returned quickly with my steel baseball bat. 

"After a quick game," I said to myself, "I'll find out about this... visitor."  I whirled on the crowd of Snakes.  My eyes scanned the crowd, finally settling on one snake who was cowering in the back. 

My eyes narrowed.  It was the snake who informed me of this... intruder.  "You."

His head snapped up, fear clouding over his colorless eyes. 

"Off with his feet."

"Nooooo!"  His screams echoed down the corridor as he was dragged off to the dungeon.  In a world where people pride in their height, chopping off a few inches was worse than death. 

"Now," I said, "who's up for a game?"

The End

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