A Visitor?Mature

"Oh dear. This will not do. No, no," Mistress shook her head at the small mouse who looked strangely up at her. "You must hold the teacup like so-" She lifted the cup from the table and stuck her pinky out. Slowly she lifted it to her lips and slurped somehow gracefully, which is surprising for Mistress. 

The small mouse tried to pick up the large teacup but instead ended up falling in it.

"You silly mouse!" Mistress laughed. 

All the way across the table Snickers, a small strange man who could turn into a rabbit, laughed. Now Mistress wasn't very fond of this "thing" but she always let him come to her house for some reason.

"Shut up you!" She wrinkled her nose at him.

"Why are you so mean to me?" He acted innocent.

"You annoying rodent. Trying to turn this on me. I bet the reason poor Mousie here can't talk is because it doesn't want to talk to you."

"I'm surprised it even wants to be by you!" Snickers shot back.

Mistress gasped. "That's it!" She stepped onto the table, which by the way was a difficult task because of her dress. It was made of candy and stretched down the to ground with all the colors of the rainbow on it. It was tempting but no one ever tried to eat it.

She grabbed some teacups and plates from the large table top and began throwing them. Her aim was always right on until Snickers dodged it. She began to get very frustrated, even so that you could tell in her face (a rare thing). 

Mistress who was fed up made her way across the table towering over the strange man with strange abilities. Snickers cowered behind the chairs when to his surprise she leaped off of the table and tackled him. 

The two wrestled on the ground and didn't even notice that Lola and Quinn, Mistress' maids, walked onto the scene of chaos and clicked their shoes together. 

"There seems to be a visitor." Quinn said as loud as she could for the others to hear. 

"A visitor?" Snickers looked at the girls.

"A visitor." Lola said.

"A visitor?" The tiny mouse's voice rang beautifully but no one noticed its first words because they too busy paying attention to the news.

"A visitor?" Mistress's face lit up. She stood on top of Snickers and brushed herself off, then went over to her maids. 

"Yes." They confirmed.

She clapped joyfully. "This is so exciting! Is the person new?"

"Well..." Lola started.

"He is new to our world. However he will not be here for a while for it seems he has lost his way. If you ask me he's a bizarre boy with no sense of direction." Quinn said.

"If that's the case then we have plenty of time to prepare. I am very ecstatic! But we need to start planning," Mistress put her game face on. "Girls, put on a new table cloth for our lovely table and get out the new tea set that arrived yesterday. Don't forget the snacks. I say cake will do just fine as the main one."

The two ran off into the house in sync. 

"Next is my outfit," She looked at the mouse and picked up off the table. "What shall I wear?"

"I like the silver one that has the a-line." It suggested.

"Yes, yes. It will be per-" She noticed the mouse could talk. "Oh Mousie! You can finally speak! This is going to be very exciting indeed."

The two then also took off for the house leaving poor Snickers outside and dirtied alone.

The End

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