Oh dear! Oh dear! This isn't good. Someone has seen me. Someone has seen through my invisible shroud. Nobody in the crowd could see me. Only that one girl on stage.

Heavy footprints. Without a moment to loose I lifted the pothole and jumped down; back to my life and back to the comfort of insanity. My world was different from the ones I scout. It is full of whismy and magic, very vibrant and colourful. This new place is grey, dull and full of nosy, nosy people.

I examined my wristwatch again when my slippers touched solid earth. The ground in my world is very soft, not hard concrete like that blasted world above. I shuffled along at my fastest snails pace to escape that child. My efforts were fruitless.

"E-Excuse me! Can you, um, just hold on a sec!" the boy sighed, easily catching up with me. I shuffled along even faster, longing for this nuisanse to just dissapear. The boy was clearly shy but very curious...which meant very easily tricked. For a moment, I had to put my great distaste to one side.

"Hello there, I'm Fuss" the boy extended his arm in a gesture, which I ignored. I returned a rare smile of mine. He recoiled as I was not the best at giving comforting smiles. "It seems you've followed me back to a little place I call, my humble home. There's lots to do here. Eat and drink, if you will. All the food that grows here blooms a letter E for edible, so don't worry about poisoning. Oh, a drinks a very-"

"I won't to know how to get home" the boy rudely cute me off. Like me, he had put petty fears behind him to get what he wanted.

"Home?" I gasped, my acting courses finally coming in handy, "well this is the only home. This is my home. You're stuck here" The boy stared at me in awe before collapsing to the floor and bursting into floods of tears. I shuffled off, at last free of that nuisanse.  


The End

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