The Curious Adventures of Percible ParkinsonMature

Wonderland returns in this reboot of 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'. Set in a modernized version of Wonderland, and our own present day, we follow Percible as he explores the mysterious wonders of Alice's world.

"Extraordinary. E - x - t - r - a - o - r - d - i - n - a - r - y."

I stood in line, wringing my hands, waiting my turn. Natasha Wells was at the microphone, reciting with perfect diction. She made it through five words before tripping up on 'superstitious' which she spelled with far too many c's.

Blake was next. He tapped the microphone, grinning like a loon, and muttered 'testing' into it. The crowd murmured and shifted instead of laughing like I had assumed they would. Blake's face went pale. He shuffled his feet and nodded at the judges to begin. They spat a rather difficult word at him, 'illusive'. He spelled it with an 'e'. The sharp buzzer made him flinch. Dejectedly, he walked off the stage and was consumed by the crowd gathered below.

It was my turn next. My feet turned to lead, a lump of rock forming in my throat. My eyes refused to focus, the ground swaying beneath me. I staggered to the microphone, clutching onto the stand, the only solid unmoving thing left.

I nodded nervously. They began.

"Spell 'scrumptious',"

I opened my mouth. No words came out. I strained my vocal cords to make some sort of noise. Every eye in the crowd was on me. I spotted my parents, pleading me to speak with their eyes. My little brother looked smug as though he knew all along that I could never do it.

That's when it happened. All I wanted was to escape, to run away from that moment and I was suddenly offered the opportunity.

A small man dressed in a dapper suit and tie and a luxurious purple cloak was examining his wrist watch, tapping his foot impatiently. He was on the edge of the crowd, away from everyone else. He caught sight of me. The ends of his handlebar mustache twitched, his eyes wide in shock.

I didn't know what to think. The small man ducked out the door, dissapearing from view.

On an impulse, I jumped off the stage, frightening some poor old women seated near the stage, and took off after him.

He was just outside the theatre. Screeching at a piercing decible, he flew in a panic towards the street. I raced after the strange little man, my feet thudding on the pavement.

Cars swerved to avoid us. The man stopped at a pothole and flipped the lid up. To my utter surprise, he jumped down with a 'whoop!' of glee and vanished altogether.

The cars trying to get past me were honking loudly, their drivers displaying their middle fingers and yelling obscene words out their windows.

I peered into the pothole. I could see nothing but darkness. Taking a deep breath, ignoring sanity, I leaped inside.

My scream was torn from my lungs.


The End

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