The Curious

Weird People, ugly monsters, and a random world.

In a deep valley covered in grass and tropical trees on a lost island.  Silent except for my footsteps.  Which were fast paced.  Thanks to the fact that I was being tracked by a heard of angry Bunnies who were very unhappy that I was on there Island.  Did I mention these things are carnivourous?  Yes,  Carnivourous ripper bunnies.  Found only on the Rough seas Islands.  I was mearly looking for a good place to build a house.  I like oceans and Islands.  This island however, Fluffle Beards Hide, was not a vacation place.  Said that he(Fluffle beard)brought the bunnies here from another island.  I thought maybe a few dozen.  Not a few thousand!  As I dodged trees and swiftly tried to find my back to my ride.  A small twin engined turbo proped aircraft.  Specialy made, air racer.  I was almost about to be overun by tiny furry biters. Bunnies were drooling with there tiny teeth barred.  WHOOSH!  Blast of warm air struck me.  Sand, beach, and there my plane.  My cat leaned out the window and yowled. 

"I'll feed you when I am finished not dying!"  I yelled

The cat backed away as I got into the cockpit.  I looked down.  A bunny on my leg.  I smashed it off and resumed to starting the engines.  Finally they sprung to life.  My cat jumped at the sound.  Bunnies were jumping at the cockpit that was now closed.  I could see cracks.  My plane jerked forward.  I started forward and began my fast run and take off. I was at 200 kmph when I lifted off.  Free from the clutches of the bunnies.



I had spread the word.  Looking for people.  People interested in setteling a new comunity.  Maybe go scout the uncharted lands.  I dunno.  I feel random and bored.

The End

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