Emily: It's Not a Scam!

‘Why is there never any proper news on?’ mum muttered at the TV. ‘Who cares about a boat cruse anyway?’

‘Well, the people that will be going on it probably!’ I replied.

‘It’s a scam. There always going on about these things. You get a letter, go, and there’s no ship. Trust me. Next week, that will be what they are saying.’ The letter box rattled, and mum got up to see what we had been sent. As she picked them up, I heard her mutter ‘Bills bills bil-’ She went silent. ‘Emily, have you applied for anything? Like a competition?’ she walked back in, holding a letter up.

‘No. you know I wouldn’t- I need you to read the small print! Why, what is it?’ she handed me the envelope.  I ripped it open and started to read it. ‘Dear Miss Sparks.   We are delighted to inform you that you have been specifically chosen to experience our 'round-the-world cruise'. You were randomly selected, and what luxury are you in for! You, along with a group of others your age will be taken aboard the 'SS. Hilton', one of the-’the letter was snatched out my hands. ‘Mum! Give it back.’

She walked away and read it herself. ‘You’re not going.’

‘Yes I am! I don’t care if it’s a scam. I want to go!’

‘What if you loose your glasses over board? You would be stuffed! I won’t let you.’

‘I’m nearly an adult mum. If you don’t let me go, I will run away there.  Trust me, mum, I will.’

She signed, and gave in- just as I knew she would. Letting the letter drop to the floor, she walked out the room- no doubt about to tell all her friend about it.

I picked up the letter and read the last bit to myself. ‘It will take you around the world, and you will get to live in the boat, along with only a small number of other teenagers. What more could you ask for? Enclosed is a picture of the Hilton, and a form, to be signed for content, and to supply us with appropriate information (i.e., illnesses, conditions, etc.) We hope that you can join us on the 24th August, 2011.’

I wouldn’t miss this for anything.

The End

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