Natalie: Surprise

'Nat, you've got a letter,' my sister waved an envelope at me half-heartedly from her place on the sofa just as I was coming down the stairs. My life was so dull and uninteresting, so utterly tedious, that the thought of a letter addressed specifically to me actually excited me. 

'Who's it from?' I snatched the paper out of her hand.

She shrugged, keeping her eyes glued to the screen.

'What are you watching?' I asked, not really paying attention. I was mostly just trying to calm my nerves, to keep cool and composed. But still, I had a letter. It reminded me of the time I was little and I'd run to the hallway where a jumbled array of envelopes and parcels would be sitting, my curious eyes scouring to see if any were for me. 

'The news,' she mumbled. 'About some lucky teenagers getting invited to attend a cruise.'

'A cruise?' I dug my finger under the seal and began ripping.

'Yeah. They're probably all snobs with super rich parents anyway,' she sniffed distastefully. 

'Jealous?' I teased, throwing the envelope back on the sofa as I unfolded the letter.

'Of course I am,' she laughed. 'I mean, who wouldn't be? I'd kill to go on one of those cruises.'

'Dear Miss Tyson,' I mumbled, reading the neatly typed contents.

'Who's it from?' 

'Holy...crap,' I shouted.


'We are delighted to inform you that you have been specifically chosen to experience our 'round-the-world cruise'.'  I could barely speak, my hands were shaking and my voice came out in an excited squeal. 'You were randomly selected, and what luxury are you in for! You, along with a group of others your age will be taken aboard the 'SS. Hilton', one of the biggest, most luxurious boats in the world. It will take you around the world, and you will get to live in the boat, along with only a small amount of other teenagers. What more could you ask for?

Enclosed is a picture of the Hilton, and a form, to be signed for content, and to supply us with appropriate information (i.e., illnesses, conditions, etc.)

We hope that you can join us on the 24th August, 2011.

See you there!

NOTE: As you are under 18 years old age, we do request a parent/guardian's signature to state their consent.'

'No way!' my sister shrieked, jumping up. 'Give me that!' she tore the paper out of my hands. 

I flopped down on the edge of the sofa, resting my head between my hands. Why me? Why did they choose me

'I have to pack!' I announced suddenly. 'I have to buy clothes. I have to get some money! Oh my god, I can't believe I'm going on a cruise!'

'You lucky, lucky b - '

The door slamming shut interrupted my sister's jealous words. Seconds later, our parents peeked their head round the door. In our excitement and haste, we hadn't heard them come in. 

'Hey girls,' mother smiled, shrugging her coat off.

'Natalie's going on a cruise!' my sister spluttered.

'Heather!' I snapped. 'I wanted to tell them.'

The End

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