The Cruise

It was going to be the best cruise ever! Anyone who had won the rights to board this boat, and sail around the world was going to have the time of their lives.
Well, that sure was true...
A group of people get chosen to go on a luxurious cruise around the world. How much fun they would have! Catering, expensive (well, for the people who pay for it - not the 'chosen ones'!) food, huge, luxurious bedrooms. Wow.
But this cruise is not what it seems. Because a group of teenagers get kidnapped.

Dear Mr Trotter,

                                  We are delighted to inform you that you have been specifically chosen to experience our 'round-the-world cruise'. You were randomly selected, and what luxury are you in for! You, along with a group of others your age will be taken aboard the 'SS. Hilton', one of the biggest, most luxurious boats in the world. It will take you around the world, and you will get to live in the boat, along with only a small number of other teenagers. What more could you ask for?

Enclosed is a picture of the Hilton, and a form, to be signed for content, and to supply us with appropriate information (i.e., illnesses, conditions, etc.)

We hope that you can join us on the 24th August, 2011.

See you there!


I screwed the letter up, scoffing at the thought that this may be a real thing. Yeah right! I lobbed it in the bin, and walked into my frontroom to turn on my old TV. It glowed a dull blue, before sluggishly maintaining picture and sound. I watched it for a couple of minutes, switching absently through the tedious shows. I decided to leave it on the news, seeing as that was about the only thing that wasn't about young American girls with boy troubles.

'More than ten teenagers have been invited aboard the famous SS. Hilton, a luxurious ship that has luxuries that anyone would be jealous of. All of them are part of th United Kingdom groups of help for people with illnesses, including Cancer, Atshma, Diabetes and many more.

'They will board the ship at 1:20 PM on the 24th of August. This is all because of the multi-millionnaire, Michael Briggs. He bought and rebuilt the boat solely for this event. So if you've been invited, well lucky y-'

I switched the TV off. My eyes widened at the concept. I was actually going on a cruise! I ran excitedly into the kitchen, and dug the letter out of the bin. I smoothed it out as best as I could, and started to sign the form that was stapled to the letter, and a picture of a large ship, with a canopy over a dance floor, scattered with people with glasses of champagne, dancing and having fun. Of course, that wouldn't be the case with me, but still, it was a cruise. And all because I was a diabetic.

The End

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