The Crow

Goatsucker, n: any of a family of medium-sized long-winged crepuscular or nocturnal birds having a short, wide bill, short legs, and soft mottled plumage, and feeding on insects that they catch on the wing.

Write about a goat that is afraid of birds. This is a chance to anthropomorphize in the extreme, so give him a house to live in, a car to drive, and a rabid fear of birds.

Grant, Laura (2012-05-31). 101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers, vol. 1 (Kindle Locations

Masha hated her next door neighbor, hated her so much that that he wanted to go right over there and butt heads with her.

She had a bird feeder.  All the birds gathered in her back yard, tweeting and singing and all of that - and they had to fly over his back yard to get there.

Masha went over there a few times to ask her to please, please take down the bird feeder, but she said she loved the tweeting so much.  He suggested that she let her battery on her fire alarm in the house run down if she liked tweets that much.  That didn't go over well.

First came the swallows.  Then came the pigeons.  Then came the crows.

What was next, eagles and hawks?

Masha would bolt for his car every morning, his paper over his head, and his eyes to the sky, hoping that the birds wouldn't come down on him like they had when he was just a tiny toddler.  At four, when he was still getting used to his gangly legs, his family had brought him to a lake and showed him how to feed the ducks.  Well, these ducks were adamant, and wanted more food, so they chased him, nipping at his heels, until he tripped and they fell upon him, snapping at his face and biting his legs.

He had lost alot of girlfriends because of their canaries.

He couldn't stand the birds.  Could not stand them.  A robin stood as proud as could be on his deck.  He slammed shut the patio doors.

The End

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