Sugar and Spice and Everything NOT Nice

Yes! the weekend! no more school...for 2 days. Aletha slumped on the couch dejectedly she always had to ruin her excitment. she picked up a magazine from the coffee table and flipped through the glossy pages. nothing but supermodel break-downs, celebrity gossip and soap ads.

Aletha chucked the magazine onto the floor and sighed. she was sooo bored. Who knew the weekend could be this dull? beep! beep! beep! the noise startled Aletha and she looked to her right to see the tv remote on the coffee table, blinking like crazy.

"Huh?" she murmed as the tv flickered to life again, as if it had been asleep "Arg! Nathan! you left the tv on again!" Aletha called up to her cousin who was playing in his room "No I didn't!" Nathan's garbled voice echoed through the hallways. "whatever!" grumbled Aletha, picking up the remote and turning the tv off.

As soon as she turned her back to the screen se heard the familiar crackling sund of the tv turning back on. she whirled around and a single message was printed on the screen.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

Aletha frowned. "What the heck?" without taking her eyes off the screen, she called "Nathan...Come Here Please!" footsteps echoed dow the corridor and Nathan's tall slim figure emerged, his brown hair tussled and green eyes narrowed.

"What is it now...Oh," his eyes went up in surprise. "What does it mean?" he asked tapping the screen like it might explode at any moment. Aletha shrugged, completely perplexed.

That's when the cuboard exploded and spray pink and blue fairy floss all over Aletha and Nathan.

The End

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