The Old Woman

So it was Halloween. Simply amazing. How did that happen?

Margaret and her siblings never celebrated Halloween. They didn't even know it existed. They didn't know about a lot of things, though. It was sad. But here she was only 27 years old in 1999! And she was invited to a party. Margaret had never been to a party.

I would be about 80 years old. I am 80 years old out there somewhere.

Well technically she was 80 years old somewhere here, somewhere very close. She could sense that the elderly her, was near. She knew instinctively not to step certain places, not to go into certain rooms.

She was going to meet Brooks for a date to a Halloween party! How amazing. She had decided to dress as a gypsy. She only had the wonderful clothes in the trunk to choose from but layered with jewelry they would make a gorgeous gypsy costume. When Margaret felt it was ok, she went in through the secret closet of the master bedroom to the attic. That felt safest, even though all throughout her life she always went through the main door. She started to search through the trunks when she heard the front door. Brooks.

Brooks was knocking on the door. Why was he here so early? Well she couldn't actually tell what was early and what wasn't. You couldn't trust the clocks around here. That was something she had definitely learned in her 80 years here. Maybe it was time? She looked down through the attic window. She couldn't believe her eyes. In all she had seen she should have known. Brooks was talking to someone. Brooks was talking to her... her other self.

"Hi Maggie, great costume! Are you ready to go?" he said loud enough for Margaret's 27 year old ears to hear from the attic. "Wow, you even have the mannerisms and walk down too. This costume is incredible." He was completely fooled. She couldn't believe this was happening. He was about to take an elderly woman out on the town. Margaret was disappointed but hoped this wasn't going to cause even bigger problems in time.

The End

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