I walked slowly up the steps.  This was my first ever Halloween party, and I was only invited because they had invited everybody in the 8th grade.  I was afraid that they would shut the door on me as soon as they opened it...

I rang the doorbell.  I was dressed as a princess, with my hair curled to perfection and my older sisters beautiful, pale blue prom dress from just a few months before.  I had small, dainty, slippers on my feet.  I listened carefully for someone to be coming.  I finally heard footsteps close, and I waited silently as the doorknob turned, the door slid open and...I was greeted by a small girl.

"Pwincess!" she exclaimed, "tum in, tum in!" she opened the door farther so I would fit through.  As I stepped in she took my hand and led me into the living room.

The house was silent, and I was worried I had arrived too early, or worse, gone to the wrong house.  With my hand that the little girl wasn't holding I pulled out my invitation.  5:30-11:00 at 1100 E 500 N Street Ave. That was where I was, and it was the right time. So why was the house silent?

The little girl led me to through the kitchen and down the stairs, then led me to a small cupboard-like room.  The baby knocked, "Mia." she said, "here."  Mia, the girl who was hosting the party, opened the girl slightly.  "oh," she said, "hi."  she opened the door the rest of the way and beckoned me forward.  I stepped into the room and was greeted by a earsplitting shriek and a horrible smell.  Death?

The End

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