...Dude? Where's The Party?

Aletha fixed her zombie mask onto her face. Perfect. A 100% real live zombie. She was going to rock this party.

Her friend Cassie was holding a Halloween Party tonight. Aletha had been invited along with everyone else in their year at school. She had been obsessing about what she'd where to the party, but Cassie just looked at her like "You're an Idiot"  Aletha assumed it was beacause she wanted to go all out with her costume. How wrong she was.

Aletha bounded down stair, through the kitchen, out to the porch and onto the path leading to Cassie's place. Cassie Home was a hue a 3 story weatherboarded mansion with halloween bits and pieces plastered ver the front yard, walls, porch and door.

Aletha ran up the steps and knock vigerously on the door. strangly there wasn't much noise coming from inside, but then again, she was early. Cassie opened the door and screamed.

Aletha took off her mask and laughed. "Aletha!" Cassie exclaimed, raking her hand through her wavy black hair "Don't do that! What are you doing here anyway?" she asked

Aletha stopped laughing and raised and eyebrow at Cassie "Your Halloween Party of course" she said. Cassie looked mystified

"What Party?"

The End

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