Friend or Foe?

Elias could only examine this dull room's content so many times. The urge to sleep was tugging at his eyelids, but Poppy was already sleeping, a soft snore occasionally leaving her mouth. Elias stood up, hoping pacing would help him to stay awake. He could feel his muscle's grow jittery. Elias didn't like being trapped, nor did he appreciate having no idea what was going on. He tried to calm it down, he knew if he wasn't careful his fangs would grow to their full length and he'd destroy this place in a senseless rage.

Finally with a sigh Elias decides to give in. Sitting down and leaning against the wall he closes his eyes. But now sleep is eluding him. When he didn't want it, it invaded his every thought. Now that he was prepared for it's sweet pull it was nowhere to be found. This wasn't an old issue for Elias. For whatever reason sleep liked to tease and taught him. She would never give let him rest easy. He knew his half brothers and sisters sometimes struggled to sleep, but never as bad as he. Elias was distracted by a low yellow-green light escaping from a small crack under a wall. Elias gave it closer examination. If he didn't know better he'd say this wall was a fake, put in place to lock them in. Elias didn't hesitate and ripped the wood to shreds, when he was finished he glanced at Poppy. She was still sound asleep. Lucky her he thought bitterly as he looked a the new corridor he'd unlocked. And the object from where the glow appeared.

Is that a book?” Elias spun his head at the sound of Poppy small voice. She rubbed sleep out of her eyes and a little yawn left her lips as she crawled towards the tomb that even now was giving off the eerie, chartreuse light.

Will you read it to me?” Poppy asked, causing Elias to let out a tiny chuckle.

As you wish” he replied, picking up the book. He flicked open the first page and then everything went dark.

What's going on?” Poppy whispered, Elias reached and covered her mouth, muttering a shush in her ear as he did. He could hear distant footsteps approaching. He hoped whoever it was chose to be their friend. For if he or she picked the alternate, a deadly foe Elias would prove to be.

The End

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