Doo Dah Doo

Larry's small weebed feet continued to walk down the lightless halway, confused. Hadn't he done this yesterday? He had. It was all coming back to him now. He had walked down the same exact hallway the day before. But yesterday, he managed to get out. He hoped that at the end he would find the gold filled room so that he could get out as soon as possible.

He was extremely puzzled by the fact that he was doing it again.

His legs were getting tired, so he stopped to rest against the stone wall. But when he found that it was cold and clamy, he decided to just keep walking.

But Larry heard something perculiar. He cocked his head to the side, trying to listen. He finally recognized the source of the sound. Music speakers.

After realizing what the sound was, he got excited. This could be his ticket out of here! He quicked his pace torwards that door.

When he finally reached it, he found his heaert beating faster than normal. And not just from quick-walking. It was from the excitment that he could see daylight again.

Larry finally got to the door. He reached out for the metal knob and he turned it, wondering what he would find inside.

But what he found inside he would not have expected at all. There were at least a hundred platypuses that looked just like him, all dancing to the loud music that was playing. When the heard the bang of the door closing, they all turned to look at him. Larry was just about to run out the door screaming, when a circle started to form around him.

Everyone around him was chanting, "Dance! Dance! Dance!" And weirdly enough, he could not stop himself from dancing. He felt the music flow through him. Within seconds he bagan to breakdance. Well, He thought, This is s=certainly better than yesterday.

The End

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