The Back Seat

"Calm down, child," said the raspy voice from the darkness, its owner pulling Sidney into the back seat with considerable ease.

Struggling, fighting, Sidney tried to wrench her hands free, twisting her arms, pulling her shoulders back, as if trying to row her way out of the car. The ancient woman kept perfectly still despite the effort of Sidney to free herself from the vise-like grasp.

"What is happening to me," Sidney said, barely audibly, finally acquiescing.

"We've taken you, although it was much harder than I imagined. You're quite powerful, you know."

"Powerful? I'm only twelve," said Sidney.

"Well, physically your still weak, but you've got considerable mental ability. It took me some time to quite your mind and bring you here. The fact that you awoke before I could get you into the car will be discussed at length with the coven," said the witch.

Then, to the driver, "Take us to the Castle, now."

The black Lincoln Continental pulled out of the snow-covered, gravel drive, turning onto the desolate highway, heading east, deeper into the forest. As the car sped up to uncomfortable speeds, Sidney leaned over slightly, studying the witch, her ashen gray skin draped loosely over impossibly angular bones, jet black hair hanging in tightly wound ringlets, framing her dead, sinister face.

"What are you? Why am I here?" she said, gaining some confidence that she wouldn't be harmed. At least not right now.

"In time."

"Please, I'm scared."

The witch smiled, turning her head slightly to the side, adjusting herself in the seat to get a better look at her prey.

"I'm a witch. Although, it doesn't really have any bearing on your situation as it stands. We've been paid, very well I might add, to collect you and bring you to our client."

"Your client? Who would want me. I'm just a twelve year old girl that listens to Justin Beiber and ignores her parents," said Sidney.

The deep, throaty chuckle from the witch was entirely out of place given the circumstances, thought Sindey.

"You're far more than a simple twelve year old, Sidney. I can't get into specifics yet, as our client will want to discuss it with you, but you are an ... important person. Let's just say your mental abililties, as raw as they are, will be extremely important in the coming wars," said the witch.

"Wars? Who are you taking me to see?" said Sidney, fighting a bit more fervently, trying to wrench her hands free again.

"He is a Vampire. His name is Elias, and he has a very special girl named Poppy that he wants you to meet."
The End

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