Favorite Colour?

“What's your favourite colour?” the girl asked in a singsong voice, interrupting Elias' pacing. He thought about it for a few seconds.

“Blue” he finally announced then went back to his walking back and forth, waiting for something to happen.

“Why?” She asked, her head nodding to one side slightly as she watched him. Elias sighed....why did he like that colour? He'd never put much thought into it really. He just liked it, it was a nice, neutral soothing colour. He shrugged at her and kept walking.

“My favourite colour is the rainbow” She said with a small smile. Elias raised an eyebrow at her and shook his head in mild amusement.

“That's not a colour” he said

“Sure it is!” She exclaimed, genuine shock crossing her features

“Whoever told you such a thing?” he asked with a small chuckle.

“My older sister did...” She mumbled, plopping her chin in her hand with a frown. Her little face scrunched up in confusion.

“Well....” Elias started, not liking her new expression one bit, “Maybe we'll agree that rainbow is a colour and ignore what anyone else says” He said, smiling when her face lit up. That face changed as the floor and walls began to shake, bits of rumble tumbled down from the ceiling. Without thinking Elias shielded the girl from the worst of it and when it was finally over he opened his grey coal eyes to see a new opening in the black walls.

“Thanks” The girl murmured, her eyes glued to the dark cavern as well.

“What's your name kid?” Elias asked as he stood and scrutinised the new doorway.

“Poppy Smith, you?” she answered, standing up herself and standing next to him. Elias noted how short she was – What's a kid doing in this kind of situation? He thought angrily, it isn't fair.

“Elias, I don't have a surname” he replied, placing one hand on the wall and taking a step forward. The walls of the tunnel had sharp rocks that jutted out. Elias made sure he went ahead and guiding Poppy as best he could. Unlike her, he could see in this midnight blackness. The tunnel lead into a much more child friendly ventilation shaft, though it proved a pain to crawl through for him. Thankfully he was lanky fellow, and only hit his head and elbows a few times. They reached a dead end and the only way they could go was down through the grill. Elias easily ripped it open and dropped down, he held out his hand and caught the girl with ease. He looked around him, they were now in some sort of hotel lobby, only every door was locked.

“This is getting annoying” he growled at a wooden door. He was half tempting to rip this thing to shreds, but he feared scaring Poppy.

The End

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