Margaret stepped into the house as if no time had passed. Of course, no time had actually passed. But here she was back in her own home after 30 years away.

Where had the time gone?

"Nowhere of course," the hysteric in her head reminded her. "It was like you went to sleep and now you are back. Back in the present." 

Everything was so absurd lately, she half expected to find a young Elaine bounding down the attic stairs like she always had when they were children. Even though she hoped that would happen, and hell, it could have happened, she knew it wouldn't.

Margaret stared at the last door down the hall. When she opened that door, she had better find Elaine. In what state Elaine would be in, she wasn't sure. Margaret cautiously made her way down the hall. When she got to the door, she screwed her eyes shut as she put her ear to the wood. Nothing. She  twisted the old familiar nob, said a few German prayer words, and pushed the bedroom door as she let her eyes open.

To both her horror and relief, Elaine was there. Wrapped in blankets, just as they had left her yesterday. Only now, her decomposed corpse looked like nothing more than a skeleton. A good portion the wool had decayed while some had fused to her body. There were long abandoned insect casings on the floor. So it was true. Margaret stood there for moments that felt like an eternity.

It really happened. What were they going to do now?

The End

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