Scratch! Screech! Scratch!

The sound was horrifing, like nails on a chalkboard, Aletha hadn't heard anything like this sound before. The door was closed, but light filted through its crack and openings. The hallway was dark and Aletha feelings of fear and dread rose as she slowly approached the door...

The floorboards creaked and groaned, the blinds on the window rattled. dust fell from the roof and into Aletha's curly honey blonde hair. But she hardly paid any attention. her focus was on the screeching and now whimpering sounds coming from the otherside of that door.

Fear Is A Weakness. Her mother had once said. Master It, And  The World Is Your Backyard. Her mother was a wise and brave beyond comprehension. But even she was subject to her own fears. fears of death.

Aletha's hand clasped around the lose, rusty golden door knob. It squeaked as she turned it. the door flung open and sunlight poured into the dark hallway, momentarily blinding Aletha. When her eyes re-focused, sit at her feet, whimpering away...

Was her black Labrador, Spooky.



The End

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