So it begins....

Elias stared around him in confusion, he didn't remember walking down this dark corridor. It certainly wasn't something he did regularly. Unlike most of his kind who liked the oppressive dark, Elias loved the light. He was always considered slightly odd by others of his kind. Elias decided to keep walking down the corridor, seeing a light up ahead.

What Elias finds is a large oak door, and a silver handle.


Clearly, he thought angrily, this will be an issue. He quickly ripped a strip off his white shirt and wrapped it round his hand. It wasn't perfect protection but its enough for him to open the damn door.

On the other side he finds a girl, she seems to be crying. Elias was also considered odd for his want to help humans. And without thinking he knelt by the small girl to ask her what was wrong. She turned a tear stained cheek towards him, her blue eyes flashing with alarm. She backs away quickly.

Not a fan of vampires then” he murmured to himself with a small pout. They sat like that, the same distance between them for a while, wondering what to do.

Want to see a trick?” he asked the girl, who – despite her fear – was curious. Elias disappeared into the shadows then quickly reappeared. He didn't want to scare the girl afterall. Her face lit up and a small laugh escaped her lips. Elias stood up, searching for a way out of this room. When nothing presented itself he turned towards the door he had entered, only to find it was gone.

You have to wait, they'll send us to the next place eventually” the small girl said, her small pixie face surrounded by messy brown hair.

Well that's irritating” Elias said. Glad that he had fed recently.

The End

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