Platypus Creeps

Larry nervously strode through the hallway, his waffle-like tail waving in the air behind him. He didn't know why he had been sent to walk through this dark room-he had no idea why he had even agreed to it- but it seemed endless. The air around him was musty, which almost made him gag with every step he took.

But after minutes of walking, his sharp sense of smell picked something up. But before he could register what it was, bam!

He smacked face-to-face with a wall. Or more rather a door. His small platypus arms searched for the door knob, and finally he touched the cold metal.

But before he turned the knob, he paused. What would lie before this closed door? Maybe he had been sent on a death mission. But he decided to take his chanches and before his brain could think otherwise, he opened the door.

The light inside blinded him at first, and he had to shield his eyes. But as they adjusted, the first thing he saw was gold. Tons of it!

Larry's eyes widened as he registered the gold. There was tons upon tons of glittering coins, harps, and many other objects and some that couldn't be named.

Larry jumped into one of the piles, taking in the smell of treasure. But then it hit him- how was he going to get out of the place he had entered? To his dismay, the door he had entered in had turned to stone. There was no escape.

The End

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