a lads night out.Mature

As i walked down the street i could see everyone looking at me, since my escape, posters were everywhere and it was hard to stay hidden, but maybe i didn't want to be alone. I turned to face the tavern i called home. as i stepped in the man behind the bar, my dear friend, was there with the warm smile gone from his face. he looked at me, our eyes met, and i knew what was going to happen.

by the time my sword was drawn they were everywhere. the hooded figures at tables, down the stairs from the rooms above, and from the street i was just in. there was shouts, and the bodys became a blur, i let my insctints take over, and when I became aware the shouting had stopped, there was no one left.  everywhere i turned, there were bodys, the ground was a pool of blood. and i was coverd in it. "shit" i mutterd to myself.

i walked out again, blood dripping onto the sand from my boots, i rushed and got the a dark ally, climbing onto the roof of the tavern and ran as fast as i could to the assassin den. i knew the grand master would be upset. 

by the time i got to the front gate it was ten minates later, and i could tell word was spreading, nowadays, killing twenty guards is a big deal, unlike the good old days...  and small rock hit my chest and a voice called "hey! been busy?" the mocking voice of my oldest student, called from above the gate. i turned up to face him and called back "you've heard then? how are you my old friend? it has been to long"

as he jumped down to greet me he said, "i'm very well thanks, and glad to know your keep active, how many was it?"  i faced gim and watched the sand settle around, "at least a million" i patted his back, "how have things been for you?" he said back "very good, my friend, very good indeed"

we talked for about ten minates and then off he went, and inside i went. for a good nights sleep...


The End

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